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Regular shows

Every Thursday

  • My Light Leora My light Leora 8pm – 9pm
    Leora's weekly show is a mouth-watering basscake drizzled in glitch hop sauce, served with a side of electro-swing and a refreshing glass of ghetto funk.

Friday - Saturday

  • Retrobait Retrobait Mix Series 10pm - 1am
    Showcasing the best DJs from Boomtown and beyond, the place to get your fix of bass, breaks and grooves. Catch the finest underground dance music here, from the dub sounds of the Lions Den to the wild world melodies of the Jolly Dodger.

Every Sunday

  • Retrobait Sunday Dub Sessions 2pm – 6pm
    Get all of your reggae and dub needs from the original roots sounds to fresh bands pushing out their own vibrations.

Radio News

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Not to mention a banging collection of your finest ska, reggae, gypsy swing and bangers.